If you or the person for whom you are purchasing the ticket is ill or needs special assistance at the airport or in the aircraft, please inform Azul at the time of purchase. Simply select this option in the "Special Services" section and provide the requested information.

By selecting this option, there will always be a trained Azul employee available to help with whatever is needed.

- This option is available when purchasing tickets online, at the Azul Center or at the airport.

Seating accommodations for customers with disabilities

If you would like to request any special assistance such as:

Elderly customer assistance, animal at the service of the disabled, medically sick customer assistance, assistance for the visually impaired, assurance for the hearing impaired, wheelchair assistance, seating accommodation, stowage of an assistive device or others call us at:
1 (888) 587-3255 or send us an e-mail at

Note: Customers who need to travel during a postoperative period must submit a medical authorization (MEDIF) to Azul for analysis. After the MEDIF has been analyzed and authorized, it must be presented at check-in.

The MEDIF form is available for download on the information section of this website. Ask your doctor to complete the form correctly.

The mentioned form is available on the following link and requires to be signed by
the passenger's personal doctors and sent to Azul by email or fax at least 72 hours before the flight.

No problem, you can include more pounds at the airport during check-in. But attention, if the weight of checked baggage exceeds 23kg will be charged as additional volume.