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    Portugal is requiring to all passengers to fill in an electronic form, including children, before the departure to this destination. Each passenger must fill in its own form, even if helped by another member of the family. See More.
    Azul Team

A few tips to help you boarding. Check it out:


Plan to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure time.


International flights depart from the New Terminal 1. If you arrive at Terminal 0 - current terminal of domestic flights - there is available a shuttle in front of the departure gate in every 6 minutes.


As soon as you arrive in the airport look for Azul’s check-in counter to check your luggage. Follow the instructions about luggage weigh and dimensions limit and verify the NOT ALLOWED items to bring inside the airplane.

Confirm if you have all required documents to board and keep them way easy to get and show during the check-in and bouarding gate making the processes faster.

X-Ray / Metal detector

Your carry-on baggage will be verified on X-ray before your boarding. Remember to check the content inside it because there are restrictions on some items. For the transport of liquids, for example, some specifications must be respected. Be aware of them.

It’s required in the moment of X-ray put the electronics devices out from the carry on baggage.

You will also pass through the metal detector. At this moment will be necessary take out from your pockets any metal objects – like keys, coins, cellphones. You might avoid rings, earings, belts and shoes which may contain metal.

Electronic gadgets

Take your tablet, cellphone and notebook with you onboard and use them during the flight in airplane mode. Bring your eletronics already charged – and if you need – look for energy points on the airport.

Immigration (Documentation)

In all your international trips you must go through immigration procedures. At this moment your documentation will be verified before your boarding. Have your passport with you and all documentation ready to show.


Once you go to Brazil remember: you’ll be on a different timezone. The time printed on your boarding pass and itinerary corresponds to the local time of origin and destination.

You can check extra luggage for an additional cost through our digital channels or at the airport check-in counter. However, please note, if the weight of each piece of luggage exceeds 23 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed of 158 cm (sum of all sides), a flat fee will be charged for excess luggage.

It is very close to your flight so you can only buy baggage directly at the airport.