In order to travel internationally with a guide dog, specific documentation is required. Be aware of the documentation:

  • The dog must be equipped with a harness and hand grip for leading;
  • Present vaccination card: for all animals older than 3 months, rabies vaccination is required. The vaccine is valid for 1 year and must have been given 30 days prior to travel;
  • Dog ID identifying it as a Guide Dog, with his name and training registration;
  • Animal identification sign;
  • Also, make sure you have the Health Certificate issued by the veterinarian. The certificate is valid for 10 days from the date it was issued.
  • CVI [Certificado Veterinário Internacional (International Veterinary Certificate]) or CZI [Certificado Zoosanitário Internacional (International Animal Health Certificate]) - Provided by Vigiagro, related to the Ministry of Agriculture. The contact phone number is (11) 2445-3683. Vigiagro also issues the Animal Passport, which replaces the CVI/CZI.

It is also important that this information is given at the time of purchase. When filling in personal data, select this option in the “Special Assistance” area of the form.

*Azul does not transport animals under 4 months of age.

No problem, you can include more pounds at the airport during check-in. But attention, if the weight of checked baggage exceeds 23kg will be charged as additional volume.