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All you need to know before your trip.

If you or the passenger you are buying the air ticket has any specific health condition and/or needs any special assistance during the flight, it is mandatory the physician of such a passenger to complete the medical information form (MEDIF - Medical Information Form), as provided in article 9 of the ANAC [Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (National Civil Aviation Agency)] Resolution 280 of 2013. Examples of some types of specific health conditions are:

  • suffering from an illness or disability that affects their health or well-being, or could possibly affect that of the other passengers and crew;
  • has recently undergone surgery;
  • has a health condition considered to be unstable;
  • represents a risk to his/her own safety, other passengers and/or crew;
  • needs attention or medical monitoring and/or special equipment during the flight.

MEDIF form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page and clients must ensure it is completed and signed by the passenger’s personal physician before booking their ticket. The form should be sent to Azul at least 72 business hours before the flight through our website (at the end of this page). Medical document and MEDIF will be evaluated by AZUL’s medical service, which specializes in aviation medicine, with a maximum response time of 48 (forty-eight) hours. It is worth bearing in mind that air transportation of customers with the conditions described above is subject to prior clearance by AZUL’s medical department, based on the information contained in the form. In case the minimum medical safety requirements are not met, the passenger will be refused transportation, as provided in article 6, paragraph 1 of the mentioned Resolution.

MEDIF form needs to be signed by the passenger’s personal physician (it will not be accepted if signed by psychologists, physical therapists or other healthcare professionals other than physicians with a valid CRM [Conselho Regional de Medicina (Regional Board of Medicine)] number) and will be valid for 30 days from the AZUL response.

In accordance with article 27 of the mentioned Resolution, passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility must be accompanied by a person of legal age, whenever due to mental or intellectual disability, the passenger is unable to understand the flight safety instructions or cannot meet his/her physiological needs without assistance. AZUL’s medical department will provide a written response within 48 hours to customer requests for a person to accompany them. In case of approval, the companion will have 80% discount in national currency on the airfare purchased by the passenger (excluded any purchase with or combined with points/benefits of the Tudo Azul loyalty program). Such discount is not applied on fees charged by airport operators and/or government agencies, as well as for additional services offered by AZUL, except those described in article 8, paragraph 3, items I and II of the above-mentioned Resolution.

AZUL does not provide transportation of any passenger that requires stretcher and/or medicinal oxygen (portable liquid or pressurized oxygen bottles) for operational safety reasons.

In addition, AZUL highlights that the information required in the medical form arises from legal requirements and are essential to enable air transportation services. Thus, MEDIF is handled as sensitive data, analyzed by specialized medical professionals only and protected in accordance with medical confidentiality and passenger privacy prerogatives.

Document download

All copies must be fully completed to ensure the best possible analysis. To download the MEDIF form, click here.

Check the ANAC Resolution no. 280 of 2013, click here

Download the manual with general guidance for onboard physicians, click here.

Download the IATA [International Air Transport Association] medical handbook (in English) with the international air transportation guidelines for passengers with special medical conditions, click here.

Filling out

Read and answer all questions correctly, in legible letters. Mark (X) in the “Yes” or “No” options. Afterwards, all copies of the form must be signed.

  • MEDIF - Part 1 - Information for Healthcare Professionals.
  • MEDIF - Part 2 - To be completed by the passenger or Legal guardian.
  • MEDIF - Part 3 - To be completed by the passenger’s assistant physician.
  • MEDIF - Part 4 - To be completed by the passenger’s assistant physician.
  • MEDIF - Part 5 - To be completed by the passenger’s assistant physician.


Correctly complete parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the MEDIF form and follow the submission instructions below, bearing in mind that the form is valid for 30 days for domestic flights after the medical authorization by AZUL.

Any questions, contact us at our Call Center 11 4003-1118.

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