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Medical Authorization (FREMEC)

Cases requiring documentation and special care.

FREMEC (Frequent Traveler Medical Card) is a document to make life easier for frequent flyer passengers who have special medical conditions of permanent and stable nature. After medical evaluation and having verified the required conditions, the FREMEC card will be available to the passenger and will be valid for a period of 1 year. Passengers with the card will no longer need to submit the MEDIF (Medical Information Form) form, just the FREMEC, an identification document and the ticket, ensuring faster service and boarding.

Examples of assistance provided to persons with reduced mobility due to chronic and stable disabilities are:

  • Mobility disability;
  • Visual disability;
  • Hearing disability.

Special medical condition excludes those with permanent and stable mental illness, intellectual disabilities and co-morbidities associated with such disabilities.

In case the passenger has a stable or severe chronic illness condition, including post and preoperative, the MEDIF medical form should be completed, as described here.

Provided that they are stable, the following medical conditions generally do not require medical authorization and, therefore, do not require any special assistance, thus not requiring the MEDIF or FREMEC:

  • Diabetes Mellitus;
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol;
  • Arthritis;
  • Artificial limbs.

It is important to highlight that the FREMEC card cannot be issued to passengers with new needs (in such a situation, a new assessment is required) or passengers who require oxygen during the flight.

Important: Passengers holding the FREMEC card must, immediately, inform AZUL whenever their medical condition changes or worsens. If you have any questions, our email is available.

In addition, AZUL highlights that the information required in the medical form arises from legal requirements and are essential to enable air transportation services. Thus, FREMEC is handled as sensitive data, analyzed by specialized medical professionals only and protected in accordance with medical confidentiality and passenger privacy prerogatives

Check out how you can request the FREMEC card:

Document download

Click here and download the FREMEC form;

Check the ANAC [Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (National Civil Aviation Agency)] Resolution no. 280 of 2013, click here.

Download the manual with general guidance for onboard physicians, click here.

Download the IATA [International Air Transport Association] medical handbook (in English) with the international air transportation guidelines for passengers with special medical conditions click here.

  • Download the form in the section below;
  • To show your special needs, ask your doctor to complete and sign the form;
  • Fill out the document and send it in the form below;
  • Purchase your ticket through our call center (4003-1118) stating your FREMEC number at the time of reservation;
  • Simply present your card upon boarding. It is not necessary to present a medical certificate or authorization.


Any questions, contact us at our Call Center 11 4003-1118.

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