The FREMEC is a document that facilitates the lives of frequent passengers with special medical conditions. After medical evaluation, the FREMEC card will be available to passengers and valid for 1 year. With this card, it is no longer necessary to present a medical certificate every time you travel, just present the document at the time of boarding, guaranteeing promptness and privacy.

The FREMEC card may be granted to frequent passengers, who need mobility assistance due to chronic and stable disability, such as:

  • Mobility disability;
  • Visual disability;
  • Hearing disability.

The FREMEC condition excludes those with mental illness, intellectual disabilities and co-morbidities associated with such deficiencies.

On the other hand, the MEDIF should be completed when passengers have a chronic stable disability or an acute disability, including post and preoperative, as described here. Provided that they are stable, the following medical conditions generally do not require medical authorization and therefore do not require any special assistance, thus not requiring the MEDIF or FREMEC:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol;
  • Arthritis;
  • Artificial limbs.

It is important to highlight that the FREMEC card cannot be issued for passengers with new needs or passengers who require oxygen during the flight.

Check out how you can request the FREMEC card:

  • Click here to download the form;
  • To show your special needs, ask your doctor to complete and sign the form;
  • Send the completed form to;
  • Within 7 (seven) business days your request will be evaluated by the Azul medical team and you will receive a response;
  • Upon approval, you will receive, by e-mail, a document with your FREMEC number which can be used to reserve your ticket;
  • If you already have a valid FREMEC card from another airline, the FREMEC medical files must be sent, together with the other airline’s authorization which must include the number and validity, to the e-mail above for medical evaluation.

How to issue your ticket and fly with your FREMEC card:

  • Complete the travel form and send to;
  • Purchase your ticket through the Call center (4003-1118) stating your FREMEC number at the time of reservation;
  • Simply present your card upon boarding. It is not necessary to present a medical certificate or authorization to travel.


Passengers holding the card must immediately inform Azul whenever their medical condition changes or worsens. If you have questions, the e-mail  is available.

Click here to learn more about the IATA Medical Manual.

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