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Emotional Support Dog

Necessary information for your trip

The US Department of Transportation – DOT, allows the transportation of emotional support dogs by foreign companies on flights to/from the U.S. (CFR 14 Part 382).
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  • Dogs only;
  • Proven minimum age of 4 months;
  • At check-in, arrive one hour before the other passengers (4 hours before the flight);

Necessary documentation:

  • Vaccination card, including rabies vaccine with the name of the producing laboratory, the type of vaccine, and the number of the ampoule. It must have been applied between a minimum of 30 days and a maximum 1 year ago. These deadlines must be met for each dose of the rabies vaccine;
  • International Veterinary Certificate (Certificado Veterinário Internacional - CVI) valid for 60 days from the date of issue. The Animal Passport created by Vigiagro is not accepted in the USA;
  • Filling out the Emotional Support Animal Statement;
  • Emotional Support Dog Identification Certificate. If the dog does not hold an Identification Certificate as an emotional support animal, the passenger must present a medical Statement for travelling with the emotional support animal (dog);

The medical Statement for travelling with the emotional support animal (dog) must be completed and digitally signed by the passenger’s psychiatrist and, once approved by AZUL, is valid for ninety (90) days. It must be sent to AZUL each trip, within 72 hours before the flight.

If the passenger who wants to transport his/her emotional support dog also has a specific health condition and/or needs special assistance during the flight, in addition to the documents mentioned for transport of the emotional support dog, passenger must present the medical information form (MEDIF - Medical Information Form) completed by the passenger's doctor, as set forth in article 9 of ANAC Resolution No. 280 of 2013, available at the following link:

Some examples of possible health conditions are specified below:

  • Suffer from illness or disability affecting passenger’s own health and well-being or even that of other passengers and crew;
  • recently had surgery;
  • has a health condition considered unstable;
  • pose a risk to his/her own safety, or to that of other passengers and/or the crew;
  • needs medical attention or assistance and/or special equipment during the flight.

The documentation must be submitted up to 48 hours before the flight for analysis by AZUL. The original documentation must also be submitted at check-in.

Restriction of movement in the cabin:

  • For the safety of other passengers, the DOT enables movement of the emotional support dog around the cabin to be limited.
  • For small dogs, Azul suggests they be carried in a container. Two types of containers are accepted: rigid container or flexible case. The dimensions must be a maximum of 43 cm long X 31.5 cm wide X 20 cm high.
  • For medium and large dogs, the dog must be accommodated on the ground, at the passenger's feet, and a collar with a harness must be used.

Azul suggests that the passenger identify their dog with an Emotional Support Animal collar or vest.


AZUL may refuse to transport the dog in the following situations:

  • It is not proven that the animal is an emotional support dog.
  • In case of bad behavior or aggressiveness of the dog.
  • The weight or size of the dog is incompatible with on-board safety procedures.
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