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    Portugal is requiring to all passengers to fill in an electronic form, including children, before the departure to this destination. Each passenger must fill in its own form, even if helped by another member of the family. See More.
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  • Brazil extended the restrictions on entry by air

    The entry of foreign visitors traveling by air for a short stay of up to 90 days is currently permitted but beginning December 30, all travelers to Brazil by air (Brazilians and foreigners) must present the following to the airline before boarding:

    1) Negative COVID-19 test: specifically, a document from a laboratory test (RT-PCR) for screening for infection by SARS-CoV-2, with a negative/non-reactive result, performed within 72 hours prior to the moment of boarding; and;

    2) Traveler’s Health Declaration (DSV): filled out (digitally) agreeing to sanitary measures that must be complied with during the traveler’s time in Brazil. Available at


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For international flights it’s necessary to have the original valid passport and valid issued visa (when required). A valid visa to entry into the country of destination must be valid until the return date (when required by the destination country).

Foreign and international passengers


Passport, National Foreigners Record – RNE, Diplomatic and Consular Identification Cards.

Children (up to 12 years old)

Certificate of birth or one of the valid documents for boarding, and a document proving the parental relation or kinship with the person appearing as responsible for the child, with due compliance with other requirements set forth in the Children Statute or Youth Statue and by the Juvenile Court at the departure location.

A valid document authorizing entry into the country of destination shall be presented, valid for at least six (6) months from the date of return to the origin country, in addition to a visa valid until the date of return to the origin country, where necessary and required by the destination country. If the Passenger is accompanied by a child less than eighteen (18) years old, in addition to the minor’s passport or other valid travel document, an authorization by the other spouse (if the latter is not present on the same flight) or a court authorization shall be required, without prejudice to com-pliance with the provisions of applicable Law at the place of the departure, including but not limited to the regulations of the National Justice Board, the orders of the Juvenile Court at the place of departure, as well as the instructions of the Federal Police.

The Passenger acknowledges that he/she supplied personal data to AZUL in connection with his/her reservation, issue of Airfare Tickets and related services, and that such data may be requested by government authorities from certain locations, for which reason he/she authorizes the transmission of such data by AZUL to its subsidiaries, affiliates, branches or offices, as well as to authorized agents, financial institutions and other credit card companies, government departments or other air carriers.

Brazilian Passengers

It is required a proof of purchase for return flight. If there is a one-way ticket, you must submit documentation to remain in the country. For more information call us at: +1 844 499 2985 (toll free - from USA and Canada calls).

Under 0 to 18 years old accompanied

  • When accompanied by both parents the travel authorization is not required;
  • For children less than 12 years old it is required a document proving the parental relation or kindship with the person responsible for the child besides the passport;
  • When traveling with one parent it is required the consent of the another parent (Consular, Judicial or similar authenticity);
  • When traveling with relatives, grandparents or other minor it is required consent from both parents or guardians (Consular, Judicial or similar authenticity).

Under 0 to 18 years old unaccompanied

  • Minor between 0 and 12 years old can’t travel alone. The presence of the parents or legal guardian is required;
  • Minor between 12 and 18 years oldcan board unaccompanied only if carries a document of consenting from both parents (Consular, Judicial or similar authenticity). We offer child escort service during boarding and disembarkation and a fee of EUR 100.00 is charged for flights from Brazil / Europe, or US $ 100.00 for flights from Brazil / United States, R $ 200.00 for flights from Brazil / South America. Values are charged per segment and per child. Hiring the service is optional.

For international travel, permission is required from the parent or guardian if not accompanied by their parents. For more information, visit the website of the National Council of Justice:

* The amount charged will be calculated according to the foreign currency exchange rate on the day the transaction is made.

You can check extra luggage for an additional cost through our digital channels or at the airport check-in counter. However, please note, if the weight of each piece of luggage exceeds 23 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed of 158 cm (sum of all sides), a flat fee will be charged for excess luggage.

It is very close to your flight so you can only buy baggage directly at the airport.