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As guidance to travel agents on ADM resolution, the following policies should be followed:

  • Azul ADM policies are based on IATA resolution 850m and IATA resolution 890 for charge back issues.
  • Azul will issue ADM whenever an agent fails to follow fare rules, breaches a contract or makes ticketing mistakes, but not limited to; fare rules, booking policies, ticketing, reissues, refunds, tax calculation, mandatory fields, over commission, tax omission, penalties, unreported sales and charge backs.
  • Azul reserves the right to include administrative fees associated with the issuance of ADM. The fee is not refundable.
  • Azul charges EUR25 or its equivalent in the local currency for each ADM generated.
  • The minimum ADM amount established is 2 USD or its equivalent in the local currency, subject to adjustment due recurring irregularities.
  • ADM generated when not adhering to fare rules should be calculated between the difference of the issued fare and the published applicable fare at the time of ticketing for the class used or the next higher applicable fare.
  • ADM originated by not meeting policies, mandatory fields, commission levels, taxes, and penalties, should be issued in the equivalent amount not collected at the time of ticket issuance.
  • ADM will be uploaded into BSP Link, ARC’s Memo Manager or communicated by e-mail, according to the tools available in each market.

When disputing an ADM the following requirements must be taken into consideration:

  • Disputes and appeals will be conducted via the tools available to the company in each market, BSP LINK (where available) or Memo Manager and email or any other available way.
  • Timing associated with issuance and disputes of ADMs are indicated in IATA resolutions mentioned above. Azul accepts to review a paid ADM if the request is done within 60 days of issuance. Outside of the 60 days no reviews will be accepted.
  • Disputes must be addressed and submitted with detailed information including supporting documentation.
  • Azul reserves the right to inhibit booking and/or ticketing ability in case of unpaid ADMs.

You can check extra luggage for an additional cost through our digital channels or at the airport check-in counter. However, please note, if the weight of each piece of luggage exceeds 23 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed of 158 cm (sum of all sides), a flat fee will be charged for excess luggage.

It is very close to your flight so you can only buy baggage directly at the airport.