• Alien customers coming to Brazi

    Alien customers coming to Brazil, please pay special attention due to embarkation restrictions:
    Decree 255, which refers to the exceptional and temporary restriction on the entry of foreigners of any nationality into the country, as recommended by the National Health Surveillance Agency – Anvisa, was extended until 04th july.
    The restriction reffered does not apply to:
    I – Brazilian, born or naturalized;
    II – Alien with Permanent Resident Card;
    III – Alien on a mission in the service of an international organization;
    IV – International transit, as long as he does not leave the international area of the airport and the country of destination admits his ticket;
    V – Alien employee accredited to the Brazilian Government; and
    VI – Alien:
    a)       spouse, partner, son, parents or legal reponsible of a Brazilian;
    b)      whose entry is specifically authorized by the Brazilian Government (public interest or humanitarian reasons); and
    c)       bearer of the National Migration Registry (RNM);
    VI – Cargo operations.

Whenever you travel with Azul, be sure to carry at least one of the following examples of documents valid for customers over 12 years old:

  • Government issued ID card;
  • Brazilian Driver's License (with picture);
  • Brazilian work permit;
  • Professional ID Cards issued by a National Governmental Body;
  • Valid passport;
  • Card of functional identity of the members of the Legislative Power of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities issued during the current legislature;
  • For foreign customers: passport, National Registry of Forreigners (RNE), Diplomatic or Consular ID.

In the case of trips within Brazil, an RNE application protocol issued by the Federal Police Department will be accepted instead of the original document, for the maximum period of 180 days from its date of issue.

The ID document may be an original or a certified copy, as long as it is a valid photo ID. It must be presented to one of our ground staff, both at check-in and at the boarding gate*. If one of theses documents have been stolen or lost the customer may present a Police Report (Boletim de Ocorrência - B.O.) issued for more than 30 days and with no expire date. B.O. isn't accepted for children under 12 years.

This rule complies with international safety standards at airports.

For further information, visit the ANAC website at

*Resolution 400/2016 of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), dated March 14th, 2017.

You can check extra luggage for an additional cost through our digital channels or at the airport check-in counter. However, please note, if the weight of each piece of luggage exceeds 23 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed of 158 cm (sum of all sides), a flat fee will be charged for excess luggage.

It is very close to your flight so you can only buy baggage directly at the airport.