You can change your flight to one that leaves up to 6 hours earlier than your original departure time, as long as it is a purely Azul leg.

You can move up your flight on our app, at an airport kiosk or check-in counter.

Here's how it works:

  1. Have your reservation code at hand.
  2. You can only move up domestic flights.
  3. Moving up your flight depends on available seats on the new flight. If your original flight departs at 8 pm, the option to move up your flight becomes available at 12 pm, allowing you to change your departure time to as early as 2 pm. Moving up your flight depends on available seats on the new flight.
  4. Flights can only be moved up if the departure and arrival airport are the same as your original reservation. Changes to departure or arrival airport and changes moving up your flight more than 6 hours will be subject to change fees and difference in fare. Such changes may only be made in the “My Reservations” section of the website or through the Reservations Center.
  5. Each leg may only be moved up once.
Customers Channels Tarifa Azul Tarifa MaisAzul
Client not logged App R$ 100.00 Free
Airport R$ 130.00
TudoAzul Básico/ TudoAzul
App R$ 75.00
Airport R$ 100.00
TudoAzul Safira/ TudoAzul
App Free

* Values ​​subject to change.

No problem, you can include more pounds at the airport during check-in. But attention, if the weight of checked baggage exceeds 23kg will be charged as additional volume.