Azul’s tickets are classified in two categories: Mais Azul and Azul fares. The Mais Azul fare maintains current fare practice including a 23kg luggage allowance. By choosing the Azul fare the customer will pay a cheaper ticket compared to the Mais Azul fare and may choose whether or not to purchase the checked baggage service. In this case if the customer changes his mind, it's possible including a 23kg of luggage at any time, for only R$ 50.00 via website, call center or app; and R$ 60.00 at the airport or reservations from GDS. In case the customer exceeds this quota it will be charged a fee per quilo.

Disclaimer: Hoverboards

This type of equipment is considered unsafe for air transportation and is not allowed in Azul flights. This restriction applies to domestic and international flights.


In addition to the baggage allowance, passengers with physical disabilities may choose to transport wheelchairs with dry-cell batteries or other mobility devices in the cabin or check these items during check-in. Click here for more information on wheelchair transportation.

Infants between the ages of 0 and 2

There is no allowance available for infants. However, passengers with infants may transport a stroller or seat*. If the passenger wishes to check both items, one of them will be deducted from the adult or escort’s baggage allowance.

  • All baby stroller models must be checked. No additional fees will be charged in this case.
  • An aircraft seat must be used by child seats* (similar to infant car seats) transported in the cabin. Infants must travel on the child seat secured to the aircraft seat with a specific seat belt. This service must be requested at Azulcenter at least 48 hours in advance and all child restraint devices must contain the FAA seal of approval. If this service is purchased, infants are charged the air fare applicable to children over the age of 2, considering respective discounts based on travel conditions.

Excess Baggage

An additional excess baggage fee will be charged during check-in if the total checked baggage weight exceeds 23 kg or 50 lbs. Fees are subject to change without notice. Click here to view the table of fees per excess kg or lbs.

Each passenger may check a total of 45 kg or 99 lbs per piece, after paying the excess baggage fee. However, the acceptance of baggage exceeding the 23kg or 50lbs allowance is subject to flight occupation and availability conditions.

Sharp objects

Sharp or bladed objects, such as knives, tweezers, scissors, pocket knives, razors, nail cutters, and bottle openers cannot be transported in carry-on luggage and must be checked for security reasons.


Azul reserves the right to refuse any baggage or cargo that may endanger the flight or is otherwise not indicated for air transportation, according to the respective weight, size or type of baggage.

Any item that jeopardizes the safety of the flight and/or the aircraft’s integrity, or which Azul is not authorized to transport, such as objects noncompliant with standard weights and dimensions, hazardous materials, live cargo, biological materials (tissue, urine, test water, etc.) or valuables (items in gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi-precious stones, cash, checks, transportation vouchers, shares, stamps, credit cards, electronic items, “selfie sticks”, etc.)

Please call AzulCenter at +55 11 4003-1118 if you have any questions.

No problem, you can include more pounds at the airport during check-in. But attention, if the weight of checked baggage exceeds 23kg will be charged the excess of luggage.