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Brazil is full of incredible stories of innovation.

Azul flies to all corners of Brazil and shares with you some of these stories

Sustainable Fishing

Wind Power





Hospital de amor



Brazilians carry Brazil in it’s soul and that’s why Brazilians take their entrepreneurship abroad.

In this video, we see the path of tuna being exported from Recife to Fort Lauderdale in 48 hours to be served in restaurants in Miami through Azul Cargo Express.


Wind takes energy and opportunities to the countryside of Bahia.

Wind power generators in Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia, generate many opportunities for rural residents and power for 180,000 houses.

We Brazilians carry Brazil in our soul.


Azul takes Brazilians to every corner of the country, including to Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, where the guide Marcio Lima invites tourists to plant trees, combining the exploration of nature with its preservation.

We carry Brazil in our soul


Azul takes you to Altamira, Pará, where people are able to see plantations of the cacao that is recognized worldwide for its quality.


João Felipe is a construction entrepreneur in Sinop, Mato Grosso, and he has customers all over the country thanks to Azul’s network.

We carry Brazil in our soul.


Brazilian papaya is recognized worldwide for its quality. The time it takes to get this fruit to the final consumer is very critical so Azul is the ideal partner for the Brazilian producer.


For Zaira, a trip from the Paraguayan border to Hospital de Amor [Hospital of Love], located in Barretos, was one difficult step towards treating her cancer.

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Updated Brazil Travel Decree

Effective July 29, Brazil updated its decree to allow entry of foreign visitors traveling by air. However, Brazil has extended for an additional 30 days the entry of foreigners by land (unless for transit) and sea (through at least August 28).
Per the new policy, foreign travelers by air to Brazil, for a short stay of up to 90 days, must present to the airline company, prior to boarding, proof of purchase of Health Insurance valid in Brazil with coverage for the entire period of the trip. Failure to provide this could result in the denial of entry by Brazilian authorities.