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    Portugal is requiring to all passengers to fill in an electronic form, including children, before the departure to this destination. Each passenger must fill in its own form, even if helped by another member of the family. See More.
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  • Brazil extended the restrictions on entry by air

    The entry of foreign visitors traveling by air for a short stay of up to 90 days is currently permitted but beginning December 30, all travelers to Brazil by air (Brazilians and foreigners) must present the following to the airline before boarding:

    1) Negative COVID-19 test: specifically, a document from a laboratory test (RT-PCR) for screening for infection by SARS-CoV-2, with a negative/non-reactive result, performed within 72 hours prior to the moment of boarding; and;

    2) Traveler’s Health Declaration (DSV): filled out (digitally) agreeing to sanitary measures that must be complied with during the traveler’s time in Brazil. Available at


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Azul and TRIP announce a new brand

The company resulting from the merger between Azul Linhas Aéreas and Trip Linhas Aéreas, pending ratification by government authorities, has already defined its new brand: Azul. Surveys commissioned by the companies showed that the Azul brand currently has a greater presence and, therefore, greater recall both in Brazil and around the world.

A new visual identity has been created, which includes Trip DNA to preserve the legacy of this brand in the new logo. Several of the changes symbolize the union between the two companies:

Azul and Trip logos

-The letter “U” in the word “Azul” is written in contrasting tones with the letters “A”, “Z” and “L”, in order to evoke the current Trip logo, where the letter “I” is written in different shades than the letters “T” “R” and “P”;

-In addition recalling the Trip logo, the letter “U” highlighted in a different color symbolizes the “Union” of the two companies with regards to the goal of being the number 1 choice among passengers;

-The terms “Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras” and “Brazilian Airlines”, which today are part of the brand, will no longer need to be used, since the company is already well-known as an airline and Brazilian;

-The two companies will now have a tagline and a logo that depict their integration on their aircraft, “Azul and Trip: together all over Brazil.”

-As Azul already has the tradition of “baptizing” its aircraft, all the airplanes belonging to Trip will also be given namesakes;

-The Trip aircraft will all retain a silver band, part of the company’s current identity;

-One Trip Embraer and one Trip ATR will be kept permanently in their current livery;

-One Embraer 195 will have special silver-based paintwork, which is part of the Trip identity, to symbolize the Union between two companies;

The deployment of a single corporate identity for the two companies is currently being prepared and standardized for eventual implementation. After the merger has been ratified by the relevant authorities, it will be gradually implemented in all brand applications;

According to David Neeleman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Azul Linhas Aéreas, choosing between the two names was a difficult decision, because the two airlines have spared no effort to build their respective brands in recent years. “This is the obvious result when positioning is perfectly aligned with practice. Both companies have had great success in this area, and accordingly they have built brands that communicate the attributes they desire. That was why it was so difficult for us to choose one”, concludes Neeleman.

I’m happy with the outcome and adoption of a unified brand. This will make us very strong and maximize our investments, and above all, it will present a unified legacy”, says José Mário Caprioli, CEO of Trip Linhas Aéreas.

You can check extra luggage for an additional cost through our digital channels or at the airport check-in counter. However, please note, if the weight of each piece of luggage exceeds 23 kg or the maximum dimensions allowed of 158 cm (sum of all sides), a flat fee will be charged for excess luggage.

It is very close to your flight so you can only buy baggage directly at the airport.